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  • Ding Tian Li Di – The head touches the sky, the feet are planted deep into Mother Earth
  • Xing Song Yi Chong – Relax the body and let the mind expand out merging with the Universe relax body
  • Wai Jing Nei Jing – Be respectful externally and quiet internally
  • Xin Cheng Mao Gong – Inside the Heart is clear and clean the appearance reverent and humble
  • Yi Nian Bu Qi – The mind is empty no distracting thoughts
  • Shen Zhu Tai Kong – The mind clear and clear—expanding into the infinite universe
  • Shen Yi hao Ti – The mind illuminates the body deeply
  • Zhou Shen Rong Rong – The whole body is filled with the warm glow of universal chi. We are the chi…chi is within us. The body relaxes and the mind expands

You can use these phrases to create a Chi Field or you can meditate on them by gently saying them within yourself and feeling the energy.


Master Bu Xiaojing